B.A. in Liberal and Interdisciplinary Studies



Programs toward the BLIS degree include both campus and online options. 

Online BLIS courses never require on-campus orientations, meetings, or tests, so you can take your BLIS classes anywhere you can get a good internet connection. Students have taken BLIS courses from such far-flung places as Shanghai, China; Dharamsala, India; Bamberg, Germany; and—of course—North Carolina, from the Smokies to the Outer Banks!

These classes are specifically designed for people who cannot attend regularly-scheduled classes. If you travel for your business, work irregular hours—even the infamous shifts in the emergency services—as long as you have some time to spare at your computer, BLIS courses are compatible with your schedule.

More info on Concentrations


The Humanities concentration allows you to gain a thorough understanding of the humanities and the interconnections among them, including history, literature, the fine arts, and ethics.

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Professional Studies

The Professional Studies concentration combines credits you may already have along with classes on small group communications, professional writing, and the humanities and social sciences.

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social sciences

The Social Sciences concentration will provide a thorough understanding of the social sciences and the interconnections among them, including (but not limited to) fields such as sociology, anthropology, and economics.

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general psychology

With this concentration, you will gain a thorough understanding of psychology and research methods.

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The Archaeology concentration offers students an opportunity to take courses about the archaeology of prehistoric and historic cultures around the globe.

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asian studies

With this concentration, study Asia in multiple historical contexts and from a variety of complementary perspectives: political, sociological, economic, geographical, religious, linguistic, and more.

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International and Global Affairs and Development

Learn to understand current world issues as they relate to intra-state, inter-state, inter-regional, and trans-global relations, politics, social policy, economic development and sustainability, human and environmental health, and peace and conflict. 

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International and Global Arts and Belief Systems

Understand and engage the differences and commonalities among world societies in terms of their multifaceted cultural elements.

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International and Global Human Rights

Ideal for students committed to humanitarian activism who have a keen interest in studying human rights issues across the globe.  

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Latin American and Caribbean Studies

Courses focusing on Latin American and Caribbean history, politics, geography, economics, belief systems, social issues, arts and literatures, film genres, and cultures are most relevant for this concentration.

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Russian Studies

Study Russia and the former Soviet satellites of Eastern Europe in multiple historical contexts and from a variety of complementary perspectives: political, sociological, economic, religious, artistic, linguistic, and more.

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Career Paths

Our graduates go on to graduate programs in business, counseling, social work, sociology, psychology, public affairs, human resources, library sciences, education, and other fields.  They’re also working in human resources, the criminal justice system, human resources, finance, research, case management, hospitality, health insurance and medical system management, case management and human services, and almost any other field you can think of.

Hear from a student

Noor Ghazi discusses why she decided to pursue a Bachelors Degree in Liberal Studies at UNC Greensboro.