M.A. Liberal and Interdisciplinary Studies

Dynamic change.
Transformative thinking.

Get the education that prepares you for the changing, complex world with flexibility to adjust and grow. Draw on your knowledge, work expertise, and life experiences to solve the real problems you care about in the world around you.


Program Overview:

  • Fully online, asynchronous format
  • 7-week sessions in spring and fall
  • Optional 5-week winter and summer sessions available
  • 11 total courses (33 credit hours)
  • 6 Master’s in Liberal and Interdisciplinary Studies courses required — 2 in Applied Studio Skills, 3 in Liberal Arts and Sciences, and culminating Applied Capstone course
  • 5 electives — choose from additional Master’s in Liberal and Interdisciplinary Studies courses or outside electives
  • No GRE or GMAT required
  • Global Studies and E-learning graduate certificates also available (12-15 credit hours)

future-proof your career

Technology creates a continuously changing workplace. With routine tasks shifting away from human hands, it’s important to focus on the creative, innovative traits that only humans can harness. 

The program will help you gain mastery in five attributes to become a transformative thinker and doer:

1. Intellectual Curiosity

Develop the desire to dig deep, be creative, experiment, and take risks in order to learn.

2. Integrative Thinking

See the big picture, think holistically, recognize patterns, and make imaginative leaps based on those patterns.

3. Intercultural Competence

Understand cultural differences to help you think, act, and move beyond global, cultural, and organizational boundaries.

4. Adaptability

Be flexible, agile when handling change, resilient in ambiguous situations, and able to see beyond black and white to find unexpected solutions.

5. Empathy

Demonstrate effective listening, collaboration, and communication skills, and be humble enough to be inclusive and considerate of others’ views.

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