B.S. in Professional Studies


t-shaped professional

Research shows that employers are looking for professionals with a T shape — having the depth in your area of interest and the breadth to see and think from different perspectives. Employers say these skills are lacking in today’s workplace, so the BIPS program was designed to develop them. You’ll build on existing knowledge in your field while gaining skills that apply to any workplace and any role.

Areas of Focus

Health & Wellness

Examine health and wellness from a variety of perspectives. Explore issues in international health and the role that culture plays in health care. Learn the basic principles of physical fitness and nutrition and apply them to the leisure and tourism industry. Gain a deeper understanding of the challenges facing health and wellness professionals and how to address them.

Arts, Entertainment, & Media

Learn the skills needed for success in the arts, entertainment, and media industries. Start by developing a strong foundation in the arts, the creative process, and innovation. Then follow your interests in this ever-changing field as you focus on advanced communication skills, ethics, leadership, and turning a creative endeavor into a business opportunity.


Although the service industry is broad — ranging from food and retail to travel and tourism — professionals who lead service-based businesses or nonprofits need deep knowledge and skills. Service explores the strategies and styles of negotiation, service management and customer satisfaction, and the ins and outs of leading nonprofit organizations.


Customize your industry focus area to build new skills and deepen your understanding with a self-designed area of interest that aligns with your professional goals.

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